and then they rested

Our holiday extravaganza culminated today with Miriam’s blessing. For over a week I have had three of my siblings in town with their spouses and children. All were residing at my parent’s house, so until today I had little responsibility as hostess. But today after the blessing we fed 18 adults and 4 children before they loaded up their Christmas loot and hit the highway to return to their respective homes. After everyone had departed this afternoon, the five of us all went to bed, and slept for over two hours.
Christmas-time is both a rewarding and challenging time to birth and care for a newborn. With family in town and holiday traditions I found myself especially sleep deprived. On New Year’s Eve as people joked about being too tired to stay awake until the midnight hour, I commented that we had stayed up past 12:00 every other night, why should this one be different?

In any case, today my baby is one month old. As I reflect on the last month and how quickly it passed I am so grateful to have been able to spend the time with family.

My cup runneth over.

Happy New Year. I am excited to be blogging again.

4 thoughts on “and then they rested

  1. Has it really been a month already?! She is still so tiny. You are looking great and I'm glad that your Holidays were filled with family and fun! Hey I need to have your boys over soon…I noticed that our kids were trying to talk to each other durning church. Let me know when you need a nap and I'll come grab your boys!


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