heck of a night

Monday after work I stopped at the store. It was the night of the big game, Feista Bowl 2010. It was jam packed with folks in BSU gear buying alcoholic beverages. Excitement was in the air.

Let me just say this. I’m a loyal citizen of Bronco Nation. I love coach Pete. I’m proud of Kyle Efaw for modestly admitting that the Broncos are “probably not” #1 in the nation. I forgive you Brandyn Thompson for getting burned on that touchdown pass since you had two interceptions. And Brotzman, you redeemed yourself from that missed field goal with that sneaky conversion on fourth down. What a game.

Can’t wait for September blue and orange.


That’s how I felt as I lay in bed last night. Those were the words I wanted to write this morning.

What a game.

But somewhere during the dark hours my anxiety and nerves from the game took the form of digestive failure. I’ll put it this way, my bad food choices during the football game have gone the way of the sewage and I get a clean slate for my New Year’s diet. Little did I know that when the team dumped the cooler of gatorade on Coach Pete it would be a preview of coming attractions for the first day of my 2010 diet.

I am rethinking my fan-dom now. I’m glad I have 8 months to do it.

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