talk about karma

I guess I had it coming. All that nonsense about pink. I got pink alright. Somehow a magenta crayon made its way into the dryer during a cycle that contained the boys’s lights. Now all my children have pink clothes. I was much less delighted to find pink lint this time.
To all the mothers of only boys, I am sorry for being so insensitive. This must be my well-deserved comeuppance for gloating about girliness.

13 thoughts on “talk about karma

  1. Oh man, I've done that before with orange and blue. I did get most the clothes clean after some work. If there are any you care about you can use wd40 on the crayon stain scrub it then wash it out with dish soap. Then when that's done wash in the washing machine with some really good cleaning detergent, add some spray and wash or shout. It helped me with a lot of clothes (a lot of mine were brand new ones of Olivia's).


  2. Yikes! I am so sorry!Andrew got some jumbo crayons for Christmas two years ago and didn't want to share. He stuffed them in his pockets. Luckily I caught them before the load hit the dryer.


  3. oh boy, that has happened at my house – but with green, and blue and red and yellow crayons. Bri put crayons from a restaurant in her pocket. Most of the clothes were ruined, but I was able to get the crayon out of a couple things. Probably depends on the type of fabric. Good luck. The inside of my dryer is still miscolored.


  4. Jo, you crack me up. As a mother of only boys I didn't think that your celebration of pink dryer lint was insensitive. In fact, it brought a big smile to my face. We need to see more pictures of your sweet new bundle of pink. 🙂


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