the late twenties

I’ve noticed lately that I am encroaching on “soccer mom” status. My kids aren’t yet involved in out-of-the-home activities that have me playing the part of chauffeur but for all other intents and purposes (married, middle-class, suburban mother of three) I fit the bill.

Growing up I remember adults approaching thirty make comments about how they still felt twenty. Now I am one of those adults. Ignoring the fact that I have a four year old I would swear I still was twenty.

But alas it has become clear to me in recent days that I am not twenty. Or twenty-one. Or even twenty-five.

It first happened as I dropped off a load at D.I. the other day. A sharp looking young man came out to help collect my rejected belongings. (The fact that I used the word “sharp” to describe a “young man” is evidence enough, no?) I felt so hip because as I popped the trunk I knew he could hear that I was listening to Beyonce. I like Beyonce. I listen to her to feel young and hip. But then as I drove away it occurred to me: “Jo, who are you kidding? You are driving a minivan.”

My other problem is that either because I am too busy or I don’t like what I see, I rarely take the opportunity to look in the mirror. I suppose most of my efforts go to making sure my children look decent. Sadly though, I have frequently left the house without make-up because of this. And the other day a friend came by to drop something off and I had chocolate cake mix on my nose.

It had been hours since I baked the chocolate cake.

I guess approaching thirty is like going bald. You just have to embrace it. Don’t endure it, love it. Glory in maturity. Live it up before you turn 40. (Heaven forbid!)

Oh, and did I mention I am actually only turning 28?

10 thoughts on “the late twenties

  1. I know the feeling. I always think…I'm almost 30 although I did just turn 28. I guess time just goes by so fast that I figure it will be here before I know it. I still feel 20 in thought but physically I'm not sure anymore! I guess the only thing is to embrace each chapter of our life and be grateful!


  2. You are too funny! I think I am only really dreading 50. Yikes. Jo…the 30's should be fun. You have achieved…, house, jobs, cute kids, awesome craftiness, sense of humor and you are still only approaching 30's. You'll have the respect and admiration of many, I'm sure!


  3. Well, I am turning 32 in 2 months, so I can tell you from experience that the 30's are GOOD!!! Different than your 20's, but in a better way! And for the record, I still feel 18.


  4. Thanks for the laugh! I'm sure we all have those lovely mother moments… like yesterday when our new bishopric stopped by to meet us and I had no makeup on, had my hair in a messy ponytail, and my kids were running around like crazy. Fabulous first impressions 🙂


  5. Hey there is nothin wrong with leaving the house without makeup!!! I got married with no makeup.I wish I did more with my hair though. But I don't wish it enough to actually do it.


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