time for an intervention

You know how it goes.  You start to slip into a bad habit, a negative behavior or a foul mood little by little.  Then something dramatic happens that jolts you back to your senses and you pull yourself up by your bootstraps and vow to wipe your slate clean and start afresh back where you used to be before you started to slip or maybe even better than you ever were before.

Or maybe it’s just me.

But this is what happened to jolt me back to my senses.  Let me detail.  Black exercise pants, green t-shirt under an orange and blue hoodie. 
I’ve really let myself go.  I actually left my house in this get-up.  And what you can’t see are the spit-up stains decorating the black knit pants with a whitish glaze. 

Sisters, don’t judge. I will reform.

10 thoughts on “time for an intervention

  1. I've SO been there (still am most days)! How can I judge the mote in your eye- with the beam (as I haven't showered in over 24 hours and have no plans to today…) in mine?!?! 😀


  2. Hey, when you are a mommy with a brand new baby {especially with two other kiddos} even just getting a shower before you leave the house is an accomplishment. Don't be to hard on yourself, those sleepless nights are brutal and you have a right to be comfy all day.


  3. um you don't look bad to me.. You just need to smile that would fix the picture! I know what you mean though.. I look bad alot as well. it doesn't help that the kids keep getting sick.


  4. aw that's nothing! I went out in full out paint clothes the other day, dragging around my three ragamuffin kids who had dressed themselves, had runny noses, peanut butter faces, marker all over their hands, and I hadn't done any of our hair and had no makeup on… it was gor-geous. I'll reform with you!


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