authentic bean dip

Richard and I love Mexican food.  We especially love Mexican restaurants that offer complimentary bean dip.  I typically eat so many chips and bean dip that I am satisfied and pack up my entree in a box and save it for lunch the next day.  I decided I want to make authentic Mexican bean dip.  (Turns out in Mexico they prefer black beans but Americans prefer pinto.)  In any case, I’ve always felt that chips and dip would make a fine meal on their own.  So we did that for dinner one night while Richard was away.  Not that he would object.  I cooked some asparagus for good measure and we ate on the floor because that meant fewer dishes.  One big bowl of bean dip, one bag of chips, and one plate of green veggie. 
This picture isn’t very appetizing.  But don’t be deceived, they were delicious.  And they are loaded with fiber and protein. And a bag of pinto beans is $0.74 to boot! I’ll put a recipe below for any interested parties. (I also melted cheese on top.)  The boys loved it.  The asparagus, not so much.

1. Soak the bag of pinto beans in water overnight.
2.  The next day cook them by simmering them in the water for about an hour, hour and a half.
3.  Separate the water and beans and save both.
4.  In a skillet heat 4 Tbls. vegetable oil.  (The recipe I used called for lard, a tastier but less healthy option. I had no lard lying around so I used vegetable oil.  The second time I did this I used bacon fat I had saved.  Yum.)
5.  Add 1/2 onion chopped and 3 cloves of minced garlic to the oil/lard/fat.
6.  Saute until the onions are clear, about 5-10 minutes. 
7.  Add the beans one spoonful at a time, mashing them between spoonfuls.  I used a potato masher. It’s important to do it a spoonful at a time so they “fry” in the oil.  (Hence the term “re-fried”.) Keep adding beans until they are all in the skillet.
8.  Add the left over water the beans were cooked in if you have it, or just add water until they reach your desired consistancy.  They will set up as they cool so make them a little creamier than you ultimately want. 
9.  Add salt.  The beans need a lot of salt unless you are eating them with very salty chips, then you can lay off the salt. 
We only ate about half our beans at the first sitting, the rest I put in the freezer.  I saved those for Richard and he thought they were great after thawing.

5 thoughts on “authentic bean dip

  1. O you just made me hungry. I reall only go to mexican restaurants for the been dip with melted cheese. Everything else is great but O the dip! I am absolutely making this soon.Thanks Jo.


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