Cameron has an issue with giving.  I already mentioned his problem with leaving the cookies for Santa that he wanted to save for himself.  Last month he went to a birthday party for a friend.  He was terribly troubled at the idea of giving the gift I had bought to his friend.  The only way I could ensure that he would hand over the present willingly at the party was to tell him that maybe he would get that same thing for his birthday in April. 

Today at his preschool they are having a Valentine’s party.  I bought some little sticker books for him to give to his friends. Yesterday he discovered the stickers and his world came crashing down when I told him they were to give away.  All through lunch he whined and pouted.  I told him that his friends would bring him valentines too, but he could not be consoled because I could not say for sure that they would give him stickers.  Not wanting the focus to be on what he received I tried to reason with him about the joy of giving. 

“Cameron, instead of thinking about what your friends are going to give you, think about how much your friends will like the stickers you give to them.  You shouldn’t be selfish and think about yourself, you should think about others.”

He responded “Mom. It’s hard… it’s just hard… I just…. it is hard for my heart to think about others.”

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