would you rather potty train a child or… anything, I would rather do anything.

It is a terrible inconvenience to Eli to have his diaper changed. Even if his latest bowel movement is chafing his tender behind. Today he approached me with a question, I answered and he withdrew. Trailing behind him was an odor indicating a diaper change was needed. I picked him up, cautiously, and the following conversation ensued.

Me: Eli are you stinky?
Eli: No.
(Since that is a matter of opinion and he therefore had not yet lied to me, I decided to ask a more fact based question.)
Me: Eli is there poop in your diaper?
Eli: I don’t want my diaper changed!
(Still he maintains honesty by dodging the question. He has had many a lecture from his father about lying.)
Me: Eli is there poop in your diaper?
Eli: I don’t want to talk about it.

It is definitely time for potty training. Someone inpire me with the motivation to go forward. I hate potty training. It was what I was least prepared for as a parent when I did it with Cameron. And I still have scars.

13 thoughts on “would you rather potty train a child or… anything, I would rather do anything.

  1. I had the same conversation with him on Wednesday. I think he can't wrap his mind around the fact that Miriam has a diaper too and she's a baby. I asked him if he wanted to try and go in the toilet next time and he said, “I don't know how!”. I think he is ready to go.And I totally agree with your statement on the difficulty of potty training. It's my one and only complaint of motherhood.


  2. James says his older cousins helped to potty train him by throwing a few Cheerios in the toilet and telling James to “dunk” them. I guess it ended up being fun.


  3. We had Mayci trained in 3 days! We had stickers and m&m's. It helped having the girls very excited that she got a pink potty training chair. Just plan on 3 days of going nowhere and doing nothing but sitting on the toilet. It will be worth a few long, dreaded days!! Good Luck!!!


  4. I just had this conversation with my sister in law. With Derick I would go and buy like fruit snacks, little toy cars, his favorite CHEAP things, and I would wrap them and put them in a basket on top of the fridge. When he would go potty, he would get to pick something from the basket and open it. It was fun, when that stopped and he got the hang of it I went to you have to potty 3 times, and then you get to pick from the basket. Then when it was popo, he got $, like .5 and then he could go to the store and buy something himself. He felt like a big boy.Make it fun


  5. Okay, so I tell anyone who will listen about the book I used to train Simone. It took one day (and 2 days after of watching closely) but we were home free. It was a piece of cake compared to my friend's experiences. But you have to pretty much follow it to the “t” and it takes lots of discipline. The title is “Potty Training In Less Than A Day” by Nathan Azrin. Leave me a comment on my blog if you want more details. Good luck either way! May the force be with you 🙂


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