Lent & self-restraint

Last year I tried to give up chocolate for Lent.  I did pretty well for awhile and then while in Peru I couldn’t resist some chocolate treats.  It was a cultural thing, ya know? I didn’t want to hold back.

So I decided to recommit this year.  My birthday fell on Ash Wednesday without me realizing it so I got started a day late but now I’m in wholeheartedly.  (Good thing I ate all those Godiva chocolates Richard got for my birthday in one night.)

Then I got a book in the mail from my wise older brother and his kind wife.  The book is called The Power of Half.  You can read a great article about it here.  In my birthday card my brother mentioned that Alexander Solzhenitsyn felt that what we Americans need is to better exercise voluntary self-restraint.

I have not had  made much time for reading lately and so I thought what better way to read the book than to exercise voluntary self-restraint in the process.  Terrible sentence.  What I am saying is that I am going to give up blogging for a week in order to read this book.  I would turn off my computer completely for a week but I do use it for some practical purposes.

JoJo out for self-improvement. 

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