three months

Yes Mira, I’m sad that you are getting older too. 
I would say that she is growing, but mostly she is just getting older, and slightly bigger. And thankfully, gaining a little more muscle control.
Richard and I can’t believe how committed she is to sucking her thumb.  At first it was cute, but now we are a little nervous.  It is her one skill.  Spit out the pinky (an Eli term for the pacifier) and shove in the thumb.  Cameron went through a phase like that but she seems a little more intent than he was on creating a naughty habit. 

7 thoughts on “three months

  1. Thumb sucking isn't all bad. Jackson and Janie sucked their thumbs. I think it is pretty great. No dropped pacifiers, no finding them in the middle of the night, no lost pacifiers!


  2. I was sure I could get Jessica to stop but if they are intent on it, no pacifier in the world will take the place.They are very placated babies, thumb suckers are. And look at Jessica – she turned out great, in spite of her buck teeth! Ha Ha.


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