active ingredients

Eli has what my family describes and “active ingredients”.  He expresses all of his emotions in extremes.  When he is happy he is delightful.  He makes us laugh and I just can’t hug him enough, he is so adorable.  When he is angry he is like a firecracker.  It is best to keep your distance until he starts to fizzle out.  When he is tired and grumpy he’ll cover his head with a blanket, sending the message “Leave me alone”.   The other morning he woke up too early and had a meltdown in the living room.  He leaned over on the couch, covered his head and promptly fell asleep. 

It reminded me of when he was little and he used to do this.  He would crawl to his blanket and just bury his head in it as best he could. 
Coincidentally this picture was taken almost exactly two years ago. 

4 thoughts on “active ingredients

  1. This makes me laugh a little and it is interesting that they are taken so close together and yet so far apart as well. Oh and it also makes me think of a country song… “my little darlin' is a firecracker.”


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