totally scattered, probably not worth reading

I’m feeling a little insecure that I can’t blog today about some cute things I did for St. Patrick’s day for my family.  Something festive like green pancakes or corned beef and cabbage for dinner.  I’m just not that kind of a mom yet.  Someday. 
So all I have are three thoughts that had nestled into my head as it hit the pillow last night.

1.  I feel healthy when I eat bread with sunflower seeds in it.  Something about that nutty crunch convinces me I am doing my body a favor.  I have been looking for a quality wheat bread for awhile and I think I found it in the bakery at our local Paul’s.   It is cooked right there in the store and BONUS: it has sunflower seeds.

2.  I generally use pens for all my writing needs.  Which, it just so happens in this technological world are very few.  In fact, I found a few weeks ago as I finally got around to writing thank you gifts for Miriam’s baby shower, that my writing skills have greatly declined and I made many mistakes.  Nevertheless, last night I grabbed a mechanical pencil to scratch out my grocery list and I was delightfully reminded of my love for mechanical pencils.  Something about the way the lead makes a nice little angle causes my handwriting to drastically improve.  Note to the Easter Bunny: How about some mechanical pencils in my basket this year?

3.  I love the smell of cilantro.  At the grocery store last night the herbs weren’t labeled so I took my best guess as to which was cilantro.  One giant olfactory inhale and my estimate was confirmed.  I may have stuck my nose in that plastic bag several more times before it came to rest in the refrigerator.  Mmm cilantro.

8 thoughts on “totally scattered, probably not worth reading

  1. Don't feel bad Jo…your boys won't know the difference with the green/st. patty's day stuff for another year or two. And even if you don't want to do it then…its OK!!!! Some of us (cough, cough…ME) are just a little OCD about it. ;D


  2. I didn't do St. Patrick's Day either… we really need one more unnessesary holiday?? Just wait until they are in school, they will get all of the St. Paddy's Day festivities YOU..I mean they can handle!


  3. I eat Dave's bread from Costco and it is AMAZING! It has sunflower seeds as well…which is probably why I love it. I just like the chewiness:) As for St. Patty's festivities, it's fun to have traditions for different holidays, but you definitely haven't slacked in that area. Let's go back a few posts to all the Valentine's crafts you did. Pick and choose your traditions and enjoy them!


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