some people are nice, some are not

I have become so accustomed to people thinking I look too young to have children that I was speechless the other night at the grocery store when a man assumed otherwise.  As I made my way toward the eggs and milk he said to me “This must be a nice break for you!”  Since I had none of my three children with me I was utterly bewildered as to how he would know that.  Maybe it was the items in my cart, but most likely it was the leisurely pace at which I perused the aisles truly relishing my time alone. I responded “It is!” with a smile and he gave me a pleasant smile in return before continuing down the aisle. 

He was so nice.

Contrast that with my experience at Hobby Lobby yesterday when I had all three children with me.  Ironically I was feeling quite good about how well the kids had behaved in the store and we were just about to pay. Eli got distracted looking at something and fell behind while I went with Cameron to supervise his treat selection.  A woman approached Eli and asked, in a voice resembling the wicked witch of the west “Little boy, where is your mother?!”  I stepped into view and calmly stated “I am right here. Come on Eli.” He walked toward me and showed me the item in hand. I asked “Where did you get that?” (So we could return it to its proper place.)  And the cranky woman with cold eyes of steel snapped at me “What would you care!” She then stomped away and out of the store leaving me, once again, utterly bewildered.

She was not so nice. 

I hope I am the kind of person who can bewilder people with kindness rather than cruel judgement. 

**Side note:  If you remember my post about the late twenties you might find it humorous to know that when I made another delivery to D.I. yesterday the guys on the collection dock were listening to none other than Beyonce.  And let me put it this way, it wasn’t the “sharp looking young man” that had been there before.

8 thoughts on “some people are nice, some are not

  1. Ohhhh I would be so mad at that lady.. I usually refrain from making comments until after ut I think I would have said loudly “Actually… Lady I DO CARE!”Sorry JoHave a great day You are an amazing mom, wife and friend


  2. It's funny the things people say. I had a checker a Target ask me if I was the mom or gramma when I was picking out a toy for Abby. Seriously, lady? Cheryl was with me and about burst out laughing. I hope this makes you smile today 🙂


  3. I have had similar experiences at the grocery store and I when it happens to me, I am always speechless and think to myself,”either you have never had kids or you are way to old to remember what it was like when your kids were small because I don't care how perfect you think you are…kids will always be kids and they are not perfect and neither are you!!”of course, that is what is going through my mind, not what comes out of my mouth:) I really don't like mean people. You are a wonderful mom and I love you!!


  4. My favorite comment was just a few weeks ago. I was at Walmart with the twins and an employee watched me load them back into the cart (7 months prego- it is quite a process to get them back into the cart!!) after taking them potty and said “WOW! You are so brave to go for a 3rd!” I just politely smiled and informed her that I had two more in school, and walked away!You know your a good mom- and so do we- so *try* to ignore the rude people out there!! 😀


  5. Don't get me started…I had one of these moments myself today, posted on my blog! I can't believe people sometimes, when I am older…I hope I remember life with little ones so I never behave this way :), Honestly, are we just supposed to stay home!


  6. Good grief. Some people don't know how to be nice. I remember when people used to ask rather personal questions very judgementally and I couldn't believe their lack of sensitivity. It does make me watch what I say though so that I don't ever come across that way. Don't worry Jo, you are NEVER rude, so I wouldn't worry about that.


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