three years

I have never blogged as if I were speaking to my child.  I see that on blogs quite a bit, but I didn’t think it was my style.  But for the sake of variety I’ll give it a go. 

To ELI:  On your third birthday

Your dad and I noticed the other day how sensitive your senses are to the world around you. 

Your big brown eyes are so sensitive to the bright sun.  You wear your sunglasses all the time.

Your often cover your little ears to protect them from loud noises, and you especially hate when the wind blows and makes your eardrum quiver. 

Your adorable little nose does not spare you from the farm-ish smells of Kuna and you don’t spare us from your complaints about it.

Your small hands love the sensation of bubbly soap and warm water and you would wash and wash them forever.

Your refined palate has zero tolerance for tastes and textures it does not approve of, resulting in your stubborn refusal to swallow these foods until they drip out of your mouth or you spit them into a napkin. 

These are the things we remember when we look back on this last year of your life.  We love these things about you.

We love you Eli Pie.

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