I’ve been ill today.  Mother-in-law to the rescue whisked away my children so I could feel delirious in a quiet home. 

After watching a really heavy movie,  and dwelling on the Holocaust, I needed a distraction.  (What I am about to say after what I just said, might make me one of the most shallow people you know.)

Finally able to sit upright without the room spinning,  I looked on a favorite blog of mine and lo and behold I had been featured.   It is every bloggers dream.  Or, well it was mine at least.  I sent the pictures to the blog’s host weeks ago, and after not seeing them posted I determined it was unworthy. 

You can check it out, it’s nothing new to you, just the dresser I already posted about on here.  But- it is a fun blog to look at so give it a shot if you are into DIY-furniture makeover-home improvements.  It is a very satisfying blog because it highlights the best part of any project, the before and after photos.

Meanwhile, I think I will resume the fetal position and hopefully fall asleep.

4 thoughts on “FEATURED!!!

  1. And it is every blogger's sister's dream to have something that was originally HERS become spiffy and famous and never once mention how it was SHE who picked it out in the first place Lo, those many years ago… 🙂


  2. That is so exciting! You really did a great job on the dresser…you deserve to be featured! Hope you feel better soon…if you need anything give me a call!


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