good vibrations

One great pleasure of parenthood is introducing your chidlren to the music that you listened to as a kid.  And sometimes when doing so you are delighted to learn the actual names and lyrics of songs that you thought you knew back when.  This can provide great entertainment as in the following example. 

Richard and I both grew up listening and dancing to the Beach Boys.  Before our vacation he downloaded their greatest hits and we played them on the iPod on our way to Cascade. 

Richard: “Put on Barbara Ann.”
song begins
Jo:  “I didn’t know this was called Barbara Ann.  That’s a weird name for a song like this.”
Richard (with puzzled expression): “That is what they are saying. ‘Barbara Ann.'”
Jo: (totally cracking up): “You mean they aren’t saying Bop-a-ram?”

Good times.

Last Saturday I watched and listened as Richard sang along with the BB in falsetto while the boys did their best air guitar.  It was classic.  The kind of thing family home videos are made of.  But I forgot to get out the camera.

5 thoughts on “good vibrations

  1. Ok, I'm so having my boys listen to this song now. They love singing this song and we sing it the same way you do Jo. How funny! My boys will get a kick out of this one!


  2. I cracked up with you when you said “you mean they aren't saying Bop-a-ram?” because that is exactly what I thought they were saying. I let Bryan finish reading and then told him I didn't know that was the song either. Which when I think about the song Barbara Ann makes a lot more sense, “went to a dance, looking for romance, saw Barbara Ann (not Bop-a-ram). I think sometime tomorrow during my boring day, I am going to think about this again and laugh a little more.


  3. classic. i am always getting the lyrics wrong too. i remember back when devon and i were newly married there were 2 popular songs on the radio – don't remember who by or anything. so i thought the first one was saying “money in the bank” and they were really saying “money ain't a thang” and the second one i thought they were saying “yo, we wanna have a barbeque” and they were actually saying “yo, he wanna get involved with you” (or something like that). shows you my more innocent mind!


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