10 events worth blog-umenting (er… documenting)

1. 28 June 2010- Richard and I celebrated seven years of marriage. I am certainly hoping that neither of us experiences any type of itching in the next 12 months. Although I read that these days the “seven year itch” might be more accurately called the “second year itch” since marriages are not lasting as long as they used to. In which case, we have long since been in the clear.

2. In anticipation of the return of my brother from overseas, my two other brothers came to Boise. (Great was their disappointment when said brother missed a couple flights and was marooned in Dallas overnight.) But we took advantage of their presence for a day. We had a picnic in the park and played a little wiffle ball.

3. 29 June 2010- My youngest brother Evan returned from his two year mission in Greece and Cyprus. Naturally, being in the Generation Y, it was only a matter of minutes before he had cell phone in hand, fresh off the plane. He told me later that he felt handicapped without a cell phone. It goes without saying that the youngest of six children is likely to endure a great deal of teasing. (I guess it doesn’t go without saying, because I just said it.)

4. 30 June 2010- My older brother had to return to Seattle before Evan’s return, and Darren returned to Twin Falls shortly after. But the house was not quiet for long, the next day my two sisters arrived from Henderson, Nevada thus reuniting all six grandchildren. (Virtually impossible to have them all look at the camera at the same time.)

5. 4 July 2010- Adri & Lori’s husbands arrived on Independence Day. Some brave family members ventured downtown to watch a firework display.

6. 5 July 2010- Bryan returned to Boise from Seattle, along with Brit. We were all thrilled to see that Brit has a “baby loading”. We now all refer to Bryan and Brittany’s future baby as “Tie-breaker” because he/she will disrupt the balance of 3 grand-sons and 3 grand-daughters. What’s it gonna be?!?!

7. 6 July 2010- Our family of 21 departed for a few days of quality bonding time at a cabin in Garden Valley. (Getting all 21 of us in a picture just “wasn’t in the cards” as Adri would say.)
8. A particularly comical moment at the cabin. We forgot to bring a cable to connect our computer to the t.v. so Evan could show us pictures from his mission. So we all pulled out our own laptops and watched them via a Picasa album as Evan narrated through the photos. Technology is amazing. Interestingly there were six computers and five of them were Toshibas. We had a hard time keeping track of whose was whose as they were dispersed around the cabin for World Cup updates, access to recipes and occasionaly members of Generation Y checking blogs or Facebook.

9. Other highlights included a ping-pong (or “pink-ball” as Eli called it) tournament put together by Richard, with a bracket and everything. The women did not fare well in that tourny so Bryan put together a Ladies Bracket. It was a sweep by the Stevens with Sean winning the original tournament and Lori pulling off an upset in the Ladies Bracket.
In an effort to harness some of the energy exhibited by the three little boys Lori came up with the “Bubbly Boy Boot Camp” which included a lot of marching and some fun games coordinated by Adri. Even the adults got in on the action.
Other activities included air hockey, biking, swimming, puzzle-ing, napping, reading, playing games, discussing, a whole lot of taking care of kids, campfire, and of course eating. The food was delicious because as Richard put it, everyone brings their “A” game when it comes to meal preparation.

10. 10 July 2010- We returned to Boise, exhausted. That night we had a BBQ birthday party for little Thea who will be turning one year old in a few days.
Of course I have a hundred more pictures and stories, but this post has taken me nearly two hours to assemble. For those (besides my family) who took the time to read it I apologize if you want the last couple minutes of your life back. I love my family and getting us all together is no small feat in consideration of distance, jobs, transportation and school. The last couple weeks have been chaotic but sublime.

3 thoughts on “10 events worth blog-umenting (er… documenting)

  1. Brandon keeps checking my google reader – I guess it's only fair, you guys are categorized as 'shared friends' he just keeps getting to them first! I'm just glad I got to this one first, I love seeing how your family is doing! (and it's a good thing I'm the only one from here that knows you guys – Brit hadn't shared her secret yet… she's in big trouble now:) )


  2. Fun trip! I didn't realize he was home! VERY exciting. It's so great to have the family complete:) And congratulations to Brittany! I really like those two a lot so I'm glad they're expecting!


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