singing of you, singing of Idaho

Richard had a couple days off work so we headed for the hills. We camped at Bull Trout Lake, near Stanley and the majestic Sawtooth Mountain Range.

I wondered about the wisdom of taking a seven-month-old camping, but she was a trooper. Aside from eating a little sand she caused us no trouble.

The only misfortune of the weekend were the mosquitos. Despite frequent and liberal applications of mosquito repellant the bite-count came out as follows.

Mira: 0 (As far as we could tell.)
Richard: 2 (How?!)
Cameron: 12 (Not bad…)
Jo: 22 (They have always loved me.)
Eli: 1,472 (Too apathetic to swat them away.)

Eli and I just have that tasty blood I suppose. Most of his bites were on the first day so thereafter I was a little bit more strict about wearing a hat and covering as much skin as possible without inducing heat stroke.

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