it just happens

On Saturday we went to a BBQ for Richard’s firm that was at the home of one of the partners.

It was a beautiful home, the type of home that makes someone with three small children squirm. High ceilings, original artwork and a beautiful flared staircase. The slightest squeak from Miriam reverberated off the granite counters and tile floors.

When we arrived most of the children were in the back swimming. It was really hot outside so Richard and I opted to eat in the cool of the mansion. Very bold. But the kids did well and when they were finished I took them into a bathroom to change into their swimsuits.

Located on the wall, where a light-switch would be found in most homes, was a small device containing various buttons for things like lights, fans and probably the ignition to the BWM in the garage. I made my best guess, pushed a button and the lights came on gradually like they do in a movie theater. Wow.

Cameron threw the toilet seat up to relieve himself and just as things began to “flow”, the lid slammed back down and he relieved himself all over the tile floor. I panicked. After trying to figure out the best way to clean up without leaving behind any evidence/odor or having to enlist the assistance of the hostess I ended up using one of the beach towells we brought. I shoved it into the bottom of our bag and warned the boys not to retrieve it.

The rest of the afternoon went smoothly but as we drove out the gate at the end of the long driveway I couldn’t but help breathing a sigh of relief.

3 thoughts on “it just happens

  1. That is hilarious! I think I would have done the same thing that you did with the towel and all. Or I think I would have probably used up the toilet paper roll and flushed any evidence away. Either way…thanks for putting a smile on my face.


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