eight months

I went to my high school ten year reunion today. I found that I felt much less awkward striking up a conversation with my friends from the past whose blogs or FB status updates I had kept up with. Thanks Blogger and Facebook.

But I also discussed with friends how although we have done much this summer, we have blogged little. I don’t feel any remorse about non-blogging. No one should.
But moving on… Miriam is eight months now. She is shaping up to be a content and easy-going little gal. She has been a good sport about the various camping trips and day-cations we have been about. She is all over the place at home, occasionally getting into the toy arrangments the boys have made, causing great frustration on their part. But she is a great source of joy to all of us the majority of the time.
Her most endearing charm these days comes when you so much as brush a blanket against her cheek and her thumb goes immediately into her mouth and her big blue eyes get heavy. It’s darling.

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