summer 2010 in the books

Another summer is slipping away. We have watched the corn in the fields around our neighborhood grow taller and taller. It’s a fun way for the boys to observe the passage of time.

At the beginning of the summer I committed to live it up this summer. To swim and picnic and enjoy the sunshine without regret when the days became cool. I can say now that I am completely satisfied with our summer adventures. And the joy of such satisfaction is the way that I can welcome Fall with open arms. Because frankly, I’m exhausted. I’m ready for a slower pace and a daily routine. I’m ready for squash soups and college football Saturdays. And I’m ready to leave a week from tomorrow for a week-long vacation with Richard without children. (I take that back, I’m not exactly ready for that.)

Here is a photo recap of our summer days. It’s enough pictures to make up for months of non-blogging, but only about 2% of the pictures I took all summer.

4 thoughts on “summer 2010 in the books

  1. i love the pics with your boys in their white shirts and ties. i hate it when boys come to church in sneakers and polos/t-shirts. seriously? i'm pretty sure i remember my youngest brother going to church in sweats every week – when he was nursery age. c'mon, mom!!i saw the avett bros on austin city limits – loved 'em!good for you for having tons of fun this summer. i have a few regrets, but not too many. we did have a lot of fun. i've never been swimming so much in my life! there were many weeks with 5 pool days and 1 beach, or 4 pool, 2 beach. miss you


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