big day around here

Yesterday was the first day of kindergarten. On Monday night Richard and I sat on the couch and wondered out loud about who Cameron would sit with at lunch, would he have any problem finding the restroom, what would he do at recess? After spending nearly all his life in his presence we couldn’t imagine what it would be like having him gone for hours during the day and knowing very little about what took place. (He is a little difficult to extract details from.) This conversation was the perfect set-up for an emotional drop-off the next morning.
Cameron did just fine though. I needn’t have worried. Even Eli wore a giant grin on the way to Cameron’s school, catching wind of Cameron’s excitement. It was a big day for Eli too, he had his first day of pre-school. I wish I could say that he was as brave as Cameron, but he is younger and his personality is different. Hopefully day #2 will go a little better for the Eli-Pie.
In any case, life around here has changed. But I’m looking forward to four hours a week with my little Mira. (Excepting the weeks where I have seven three-year-olds in the house two days for two hours.)

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