the big trip

My freshman year of high school my family moved to Fairfax, Virginia for one year. It was a job opportunity for my dad that we knew was temporary so my parents drug us all across the country. Now they have only themselves to blame for their children’s itch to live somewhere besides Boise.

I’ve been back many times since to visit old friends, or family members. It seems at any given point one of my siblings lives in the Washington D.C. area. (Along with Las Vegas and Provo. One or more of us can be found there as well at any given time.)

Richard has never been to our country’s capital. Even Cameron beat him there. We’ve talked about it occasionally but sometime last fall a football game was announced. BSU vs. Virginia Tech in the Washington D.C. area. He was sold. Frequent flyer miles and a free place to stay (with family members) clinched the deal. We booked our flights as soon as the date of the game was solidified.

Our trip is two days away and for the life of me I can’t figure out what I was thinking. Why did I think it was a good idea to leave my nine-month old baby, my “mama’s-boy” three year old and a five year old who has only one week of kindergarten under his belt? For eight days.

Words of affirmation and my love language. They are more than that. I need them like I need water and sleep. I need them right now. Keep your disapproving remarks to yourself. I’ve come up with enough of my own.

10 thoughts on “the big trip

  1. It is always hard to leave. But enjoy!! Sometimes it is nice to separate the roles of mother-and-wife and concentrate on just one. Have a great trip. I have been trying to talk myself into doing something with just my hubby. I am sure the kids will be in great hands. When you come back, you will be refreshed and ready to get back to the kiddos. You will be glad you went.


  2. Go and have a great time! I'm sure you have arranged great care for your kids while you are away. I have learned that I am a better mom when I get some “me” time and I am a better wife when I get away once in awhile for some alone couple time with my hubby. It will make you an even better and happier mom when you get back! Have a great trip!!


  3. I will give the usual “all will be well” cuz it will, the “the kids will have a blast while you're gone” cuz they will and then…change your tickets to mine and George's name and we'll go for you!!! Just kidding Jo. Go and have a wonderful time, all WILL be well, and cheer on those Broncos for me!!!! Good for you!


  4. I love Caralee's comment. I'm sure she would love to go to the game for you! Your kids will be fine and they'll appreciate you so much more when you get home! Go enjoy your time with your hubby! 😀


  5. i absolutely know what you mean about “needing” your children. you are a mom, that is how we are made:) and you will miss them but you will have a wonderful time with your hubby, strengthening your marriage and building a better friendship with just him…like you're dating again:) it is fun and you will LOVE it!! and when you get back home, you will be an even better mom because you took time for yourself. you will miss them but when you return the reunion will be great!! i am excited for you jo! have so much fun!!!


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