From the moment we parked at the Metro on Monday morning we began encountering VA Tech fans.  They were, for the most part, friendly and gracious and we enjoyed exchanging light-hearted banter.

Our original plan was to visit the Holocaust Museum Monday morning but it was determined that would greatly diminish our football zeal and we didn’t want that.  After painfully observing the deplorable murders of six million people, who cares about football?  So instead we spent the morning and early afternoon visiting memorials.  We saw the Lincoln Memorial, the Jefferson Memorial, the FDR Memorial, Korean and Vietnam Memorials.  (We had previously visited the Washington Monument and World War II.)   There is really nothing I can say about these.  They must speak for themselves.

We ate lunch at Ray’s Hell Burger.  We figured if it was good enough for President Obama to take the president of Russia there, it was good enough for us.  And indeed it was.  We were joined by some fellow Bronco fans and the company was as flavorful as the food. 
We headed to the game early to soak up the atmosphere.  We rode the Metro and our train was a collage of blue and orange and maroon.  Talk about atmosphere.  Spontaneous shouts of  “Lets Go! Hokies!” and “BOISE! STATE!”  really set the mood.  It was football talk and hyped fans the whole ride out.  As a credit to the civility of the Hokie fans I must mention the two young guys who gave up their seats on the Metro for Brit, who is pregnant, and myself.  True gentlemen.
(I asked for a “Game Face” – Brit wins.)
The game.  How do I describe the game?  Loud.  The first quarter was thrilling.  High fives everywhere.  The second and third quarters were devestating. The fourth quarter? Well did you see the game? 
87,000 people.  I’ve never been anywhere with that many people.  Our voices gave out just from shouting to eachother.  At the end strangers were hugging and everyone was grinning.  You can see from Richard’s expression the total euphoria.  Unbelievable.  Never again, another game will never live up to that. 

6 thoughts on “Monday

  1. I must say, it completely boggles my mind that people would care enough about a football team to travel across the country to watch a game, but maybe I'm the one missing out? I'm glad you got to do it.


  2. You totally should have linked to the game or something. I'm dying to know how it ended. Now I'll have to google it. From your description, I thought BSU lost, but by the look on your faces, I'm not so sure!! I'm glad you guys had fun!!!!!


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