Sunday morning on the base was the most relaxing and pleasant Sunday morning I’ve had since the last time I experienced a Sunday morning without children. We went to church with Bryan and Brittany in their new ward, Fast Sunday. Before church we discussed how hearing testimonies of people you don’t know yet can be misleading because knowing about them and their lives gives you insight into their comments. But I found that not knowing the people made me less judgemental and more appreciative of their words. It was a great meeting. I might have also been able to feel of the Spirit more freely without the distraction of three children.

After church we drove to my old neighborhood to show Richard where I lived and went to high school. Oh the nostalgia.

Bryan dropped us off at the Metro and Richard’s cousin Jeff and his wife Brenna picked us up. We ate dinner at another cousin, Holly’s house. It was quite the get-together since there were other family members in town for the football game. And if you can count on one thing when you gather with the Birds, it is delicious food. We were not disappointed.
(I kiped this photo from Wendy’s blog, Photographer was Janie)
That night members of the group headed into D.C. for a free Labor Day concert on the lawn of the U.S. Capitol. This was an unplanned treat. It was the National Symphony Orchestra, who was joined at the end by the Army Men’s Chorus. Listening to the National Anthem while gazing upon the flag with the U.S. Capitol for a backdrop was an experience I’ll never forget. And hearing the chorus and the orchestra perform the Battle Hymn of the Republic was equally moving. I admire Jeff and Brenna for initiating this excursion with their own three small children. I am jealous of the future events those kids will get to enjoy with such ambitious parents!

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