it’s that ANNOYING time of the year

My camera is broken, greatly hindering my blogging motivation.

But I have felt strongly about something lately, and I’ve waited to blog about it to make sure I didn’t go wild in the passion of the moment. Richard and I are typically very private people when it comes to politics. But we always say things to each other like “Why don’t GOOD people run?” “Why is it always the choice of the lesser of two evils?”

A couple weeks ago I had the chance with my mom to attend a casual backyard “meet-and-greet” with Keith Allred. His wife was there as well and I was genuinely impressed. He is not a politician (yet) and I just felt comfortable with him. I’m a cynic too, and not easily persuaded that someone is sincere or genuine. But I was.

He is a democrat and if you take issue with that party label I encourage you to go to his website and read about why he aligned with that party and more about his personal morals. I am truly grateful for someone who is willing to ignore party politics and run for the good of the state. And perhaps I am naive, but I really believe in this guy. And it feels good to believe in something. It feels so good in fact, that I am willing to take a stand on my blog and really put myself out there.

I also respect the opinions of others and certainly do not blame you if you have your reasons for respectfully disagreeing with me. I post this message mostly for those who have yet to become informed or make their own political stand.

2 thoughts on “it’s that ANNOYING time of the year

  1. Thanks Jo. I knew very little about Keith Allred but have enough reservations with our current Govenor that I wanted to look into his opponent before facing the ballot.


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