Benefit Sale

Treasure Valley friends and readers, we are having a “Rummage Sale” fundraiser for our friends the Halladays tomorrow in Kuna. I hesitate to refer to our product as rummage, because I am aware that there will be quality goods for sale. I know this because some of said goods have taken temporary residence in my garage.
Anyway, the sale will be at 168 E. Northridge Ct.
Look for signs at the intersection of Hubbard and Linder roads.
Saturday October 23 7am-4pm
Rain or shine!
Mark’s Story: Our friend Mark had a stroke on October 1st. After spending the first few weeks in the ICU at St. Al’s Mark is now in a care facility where he will have rehab and therapy. Mark’s long-term prognosis is still uncertain but we pray for miracles and have faith that the Lord will take care of him according to His will. Meanwhile we are directing our efforts and showing our love and support by raising funds to help his wife and children with their financial needs.

2 thoughts on “Benefit Sale

  1. you are all so great, for helping the halladays! i love that family so much!! it was a good turn out too, even in all the crappy weather:) thanks for the treasures:)also, YOU ARE PREGO!!! congrats:) that is so exciting:) my computer has been broken for 2 weeks and i feel i have been away from the world, i even talked to you today at the rummage sale and i had no idea. i am so happy for you:) i can't wait to see another little baby bird:)


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