11 months

Sometimes I feel so guilty about how short Miriam’s tenure as youngest child will be. In fact, I didn’t even do a “10-month” post because I was too busy announcing the upcoming birth of her new sibling. They change so much so fast at this age. It doesn’t help my guilt that my camera is broken and I am unable to capture these precious weeks of her life.

I’ll just have to write about her. Beware, I’m smitten.

Aside from being plagued with a nasty diaper rash and a new tooth erupting, she is delightful. She is very active, on the brink of taking her first steps.
During the summer our family was at a swimming pool and Richard and I commented about how we didn’t have any really daring children. Neither Cameron or Eli would go down the waterslide or jump off the diving board.

Miriam will be our daring child. She has wiggled out of her carseat, fallen out of the swing and now is climbing out of the high chair. Buckles are a necessity, and perhaps if you are a better mother than I, you have used the buckles religiously for all your children. But Eli was always too lazy to try to remove himself from such places so I relaxed a little on strap/buckle usage.

Anyway, she is a very good-natured child. She has never been “high-maintenance” when it comes to the attention she desires. I think this is a blessing from Heavenly Father because attention will be on short supply in a few months. She is starting to be aware of herself, meaning when she says or does something and we laugh, she’ll do it again and again. She is also a great sleeper, which is another blessing because sleep will be on short supply in a few months too.
Oh no! I can’t even write a post about her without referring to baby #4.
Poor, poor Miriam.

6 thoughts on “11 months

  1. What a doll! She is SUCH a mini Jo! She sounds like she has such a sweet, adventurous personality. Just so you know, I had the same concerns for Travis. I was really worried he'd get “lost” in the shuffle. He has done great! He and Libby are great friends and do everything together. It's definitely nonstop, but they love it!


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