Coach Pete

It can be frustrating for a fan when you buy into the BCS politics and you want your team to run up the score to earn those so-called “style points” and the coach pulls the starters at the end of the third quarter.

But then you remind yourself that the BCS is a greedy money-based system and that you are lucky to have Coach Peterson as the coach of “your” team.

As Richard and I analyzed the workings of the college football ratings and how TCU made their spread as big as possible I was suddenly grateful for Coach Pete’s appreciation of the bigger picture. I pointed out to Richard the message it sends to the players when you allow them to tromp on a team and destroy their morale unnecessarily just to selfishly make your case to some arbitrary computer program. Contrast that with the messages the BSU coaching staff imparts to their young players about sportsmanship, love of the game, and apathy for all things corporate.

As we lamented the latest BCS rankings and felt sorry for ourselves that TCU is ranked higher than BSU even though we beat them last year, Virginia Tech is doing awesome, and Baylor and Utah didn’t turn out to be so good afterall, I said again- “To heck with it all!” I am going to take on the Coach Pete mentality and forget the national championship and sit back and enjoy the rest of this record breaking season.

There was a great article about Coach Pete and the Broncos written by Pat Forde here. It made me proud to be a Bronco fan. And to the point a friend made on Facebook, I wouldn’t trade our coach for any record or ranking.

Let’s hear it for the classiest guy in college football.

2 thoughts on “Coach Pete

  1. Well said Jo (like all your posts are). Brock and I were just talking about this last night. His recent involvement with the Make a Wish Foundation makes him even more endearing.


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