home again, home again

We returned from ten days in Las Vegas last night to our wintery wonderland home. This morning the snow accumulation had doubled. It is so beautiful. The boys are all bundled up and playing outside. Poor Eli can hardly walk through the stuff it is so high. My camera is still broken and although I purchased a new one, it is in the mail.
Leaving the palm trees and sunshine made this blizzard all the more exciting, but incidentally I think we visited Las Vegas during the coldest week of the year. But the coldest week in Las Vegas is nothing to the coldest week in Boise, which I believe, we missed while we were away.
We had a great time visiting family, and Richard was able to make a client visit that extended our stay into the week after Thanksgiving. It was wonderful to spend time with my family, but what I really enjoy is watching the developing relationships between my children and their cousins. There is just nothing like it.
We are glad to be home, and I have a mountain of laundry. But first… a snowman.

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