one year

So begins the awkward hair phase. I take that back, the awkward hair phase has been going on for quite some time now.

Miriam is one year old today. Sunrise, sunset… time sure flies. The next think I know she’ll be graduating from high school.

She is walking now, she is gaining weight and she is always trying to make brothers laugh. She loves being around people and still snuggles when she is hurt or tired. She can be go-go-go or she can sit contentedly in her high chair or car seat. And of course, she still sucks her thumb as soon as a blankie brushes her cheek.

Oh we love her.

p.s. My new camera arrived yesterday!

5 thoughts on “one year

  1. Wow I can't believe she's 1! She is a beautiful little girl! (she's wearing Kambri's old clothes it this picture…seeing that made me think about Kambri when she was that size…it made me happy!)


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