airing Miriam’s "dirty laundry"

Miriam has become obsessed with carrying around dirty laundry. This has necessitated some courses with the boys about properly closing their closet doors after putting their dirty clothes in the hamper. They are getting better, but she is particularly fond of their dirty socks and undewear. When she can’t get her hands on those, she’ll settle on this particular pair of her own pajamas. She becomes a force to be reckoned with if you take them away. I’m content to let her carry the pajamas, but I draw the line at dirty underwear.

3 thoughts on “airing Miriam’s "dirty laundry"

  1. You will need to tell her about this obsession when she is 8 and won't help fold CLEAN laundry that has her brother's underwear in it for fear of one touching her.


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