Eli after the dentist

There is a saying, “The shoemaker’s children have no shoes.” I suppose this is because the shoemaker is too busy making shoes for everyone else to take time to make his own children’s shoes. Such is not the case when it is said that the “dental hygienist’s children have cavities.” (Is that ever said?) I am certainly not too busy cleaning everyone else’s teeth to properly care for my own children’s teeth. Quite the contrary, I am diligent with my children’s oral hygiene. So then why did my three year old have to have two fillings!?
Because it is what I am always encouraging the parents of my young patients to do, I waited anxiously in the waiting room while my trusted employer took care of Eli’s wounded teeth. I heard him crying and resisted my motherly impulse to rush to his side. Shortly after, the dentist came out to give me the summary. After a little coaxing and a few tears all was accomplished as needed and Eli was “cooperative.” (If not also a little sensitive.)

(Poor little Eli with his numb mouth. Reminds me of David after the Dentist.)

6 thoughts on “Eli after the dentist

  1. Poo little man, he looks so sad! I can not believe that you did not go back there! Derick had to go for his checkup for his braces the other day, so I sent him back by himself, and about 2 min. later (no joke) I hear a MOM, he is totally yelling for me, I try to pretend that I don't hear him as I have to tend to my other 2 children in the waiting room, I turn around and there is Derick. He is like mom I need you to hold my hand and calm me down, I can not do this without you! So, Eli is how old? and he did it by himself. He deserves an ice cream cone at Artic Cirle. Go Eli, your so brave. So are you Jo!


  2. Is this real life? hahaha!Poor Eli. He looks so sad!Becca had 6 cavities by the time she was 5 years old. We were on well water and my kids are prone to cavities anyway; we thank my side of the family for that. Our dentist made sure to put sealants (sp?) on the permanent molars that came in. Sarah so far, is cavity free. But then, she doesn't have much of me in her.


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