girl power


This man went through an experiment of simulated labor pains to test the theory that men have a higher pain threshold. To his credit (he turns out to be a bit of a wimp) there is no real baby to keep him motivated. But it’s fun to watch anyway.

I am not intending to argue that one gender is better than the other, I don’t believe that. But I must admit this video left me feeling totally deserving of all the sympathy and admiration we women get after going through childbirth. It must be said that I have had an epidural with all three of my children, so more power to those who do it naturally. BUT I am 100% confident that before receiving an epidural or during windows of time when the epidural didn’t work I endured more than this brave fellow. If you have the 10 minutes it takes to watch, let me know what you think.

3 thoughts on “girl power

  1. Oh, those Aussies, such crazy blokes. What I want to know is why I haven't been offered “happy gas” during any of MY labor experiences. You know, just a little something to tide me over until I can get the epidural…


  2. Very interesting experiment. The only thing lacking was the pain and pressure in the pelvic floor, not being able to push when you want to, etc. I laughed out loud many times – it was great. He's a great sport.My husband told me that a woman once told him that an ingrown toenail was more painful than childbirth. I wonder if he watched this video if it would change his mind??Thanks for sharing. Needed the laugh tonight. 🙂


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