Vitamin D- I needed you!

I’ve returned from my “Mama’s Me-Time Getaway.” It was wonderful. Meaningful conversations, exotic animals, southern fried food (ever tried “garlic knots”?), historical landmarks, a sandy beach, and OH THE SUNSHINE! All the pleasure of the four days was almost worth having Tisha move away. NOT REALLY. But we’re making the best of it.

Fortunately Miriam was only mad at me for about 20 minutes upon my arrival home. She refused to make eye-contact for a while, but then finally relented and melted my heart with an unsolicited kiss on my nose.

4 thoughts on “Vitamin D- I needed you!

  1. I am so jealous! lucky ducky! It's been far too long of not having a vacation for me. Plus I miss that Tisha lady a wee bit.. ok a lot! Glad you had a good time and I want to hear about the garlic knots.. mm garlic! Glad you had a great visit!


  2. I love that you take time for yourself. How refreshing! Brock is gone on his dental mission trip and I often think of you….how brave you were to leave your kids for your long trip. I want to do something like that. I definitely think it's healthy, I just need to do it!


  3. thanks so much for comin darlin. i had a great time and got a vacation myself!! could you send me some of your pics when it's convenient? i'll do the same for you, i haven't uploaded them yet…..


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