tomorrow is fresh with no mistakes in it

It was a bad day. I don’t have much room to complain because I’m not even the mother who took one child to a doctors appointment and then another child to an urgent care center and the emergency room. But I was involved with the incident that necessitated the visit to the emergency room and it involved a lot of blood and a lot of crying, by all who witnessed it. Fortunately, I think the little guy will be okay. (Despite having a broken nose, possible concussion and fat lip.)

There was also the incident (much less traumatic but much more frustrating) of a little boy who decided to relieve himself without ever lifting the lid of the toilet. Hours passed before I discovered the mess.

After dinner Miriam spilled a bag of M&M’s all over the kitchen floor. I could feign ignorance and say she ate them without my knowing, but alas, I saw her eating them one by one and made no effort to intervene.

All of these things could have been better tolerated (rocking a badly injured 20 month old, wiping down a bathroom, and cleaning up candy from the floor) if I wasn’t so huge in the mid-section.

I think it’s time for bed.

5 thoughts on “tomorrow is fresh with no mistakes in it

  1. I feel your pain Jo!! I too have let too many things go and haven't thought about it twice due to my mid-section getting in the way!! This phase will soon be over and another will be on its way!! Hang in there!!


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