chin up JoJo

So it’s been a rough week…couple of weeks. I’ll admit I’ve been a bit whiny. But today I hit a low point with some pregnancy related aches and pains and decided I need to change my attitude. Baby Simon is five weeks from delivery and I can’t go on living this way! Besides, only a few days until March and I’m sure that some sunshine will do me good, should it ever arrive.

February, you are the month of my birthday but truly, I do not like you.

But in the words of that song we sang in elementary school, “You’ve got to AC-CEN-TUATE the positive, E-LIM-INATE the negative”… things are looking up. First of all, I got a new phone. It was my birthday present that was a long time coming. But it exceeds my expectations. It is “smart” as they say, it was virtually free, and I can talk on it without the battery dying. Life is surely good, no?

AND, I borrowed this comfortable and indulgent chair from my parents to alleviate said pregnancy aches and pains.

I even took a picture of myself. I hate doing this while I’m pregnant but when I see comparison shots on other blogs I’m a little jealous I’ve avoided taking pictures for my past pregnancies.

So there you have it. I have a smile on my face. (For now.)

9 thoughts on “chin up JoJo

  1. I enjoy these real posts, which is not to say I enjoy your aches and pains, but I enjoy the realness of them. I also enjoy the name Simon and the picture of you. Oh, and right now Bryan is singing your elementary song, which I have never heard.


  2. Baby Simon?Love it! That has been Sam's #1 favorite name of all time. Whenever he talks of us having a baby boy he always refers to that boy as Simon. Not that you were seeking mine and Sam's approval on names, but we definitely approve. 🙂


  3. yes, you really are such a cute woman!! and a gorgeous preggo. i think thats DEFINITELY something to be happy about. ive seen some really terrible looking preggos. oh, and the “smart” phone upgrade? congrats! its changed my life for the better. CANT BELIEVE YOU ARE ABOUT TO HAVE BABY # 4! can i have one of them? im so far behind!! love you, jojo!!!!


  4. Look how beautiful you are! And that belly is delightful. Just remember that while you may not be enjoying it, the rest of us are marvelling at how amazing that belly and miracle inside of it are! Hang in there (or as my MIL would always say…) or should I say “out” there. Keep smiling!


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