The adjustment bureau

I just heard about the Adjustment Bureau. I’m so relieved. Is this the branch of the government that comes into your home following the birth of your child to assist in the family’s adjustment period? Do they manage household tasks like the endless laundry from a newborn with reflux, the three meals required to feed the other children, and even return phone calls to well-wishers? I imagine they have a team of experts in child psychology to help meet the needs of the displaced 16 month old. And it would be nice to have medical providers on hand to answer all questions related to postpartum, infancy and other unrelated illnesses that family members might inconveniently contract during the adjustment period. Someone give me the number so I can sign up! (I hope to return to blogging following said adjustment period.)

5 thoughts on “The adjustment bureau

  1. Sorry, I don't know about that. But moms, mother-in-laws, and even post-partum doulas make good helpers. Don't be afraid to ask for help! And, since I can't actually help from all the way over here… GOOD LUCK!


  2. This is your friendly beltway insider to tell you that the agency to which you refer did in fact exist. It existed all the way up until last month when Congress… shall we say adjusted the agency's funding. Now it's a shell of its former self, reduced to three adolescent mimes, a couple of college interns, a cafeteria cook and a chiropractor. But you should get a load of this chiropractor's adjustments…


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