a chiropractic convert

Let me be straight.

Before yesterday I was a true skeptic of chiropractors. I did not trust them, I never went to one and never planned to.

A couple months ago I was having pregnancy related hip issues and my OB referred me to a chiropracter. It must have been written all over my face my feelings about “those doctors.” She reassured me that he wasn’t a quack and that she trusted him. I took the business card but had no intention of following through. I really did not believe he could help. Or maybe he would help but it would mean I would have to have weekly appointments the rest of my life and I would be totally reliant on his “tricks” to live a new normal.

Last Friday after a week of enduring brief but excruciating pains in my back, ribs and shoulder on my right side I called my OB’s office in desperation. The nurse took matters into her own hands and before I knew it I had an appointment with a chiropractor. Honestly, I was so exhausted and miserable I was willing to try anything. The pain was the worst at night and in the midst of a sound sleep I would be shocked back to wakefulness, and bring Richard along with me as I inadvertently exclaimed in pain. I moved back and forth from my bed to the recliner to try to get comfortable.

Enough complaining, I said I was through with it and I meant it.

So yesterday I went to my appointment. I was very nervous. Where was this man going to touch me? Was it going to hurt? I was literally sweating. But he was professional, he talked me through everything asked my permission before applying his “techniques” and explained in medical jargon what was going on. I was impressed with his style and methods but not convinced it was going to make any differene. But it did feel good.

I slept better last night than I have in 10+ nights. There were no shooting pains and I even slept on my right side which I haven’t done in just as many nights. The only thing that brought me back to wakefulness was my cramped and overactive bladder.

Some might say that my pains were psychosomatic and I had just enough hope that the chiropractor would work, that he did. Maybe so, but nonetheless it worked. Frankly I’m still a little skeptical myself and I am just waiting for things to get bad again. But I’ve been converted enough, that if they do I will return to his healing hands.

I consider this a lesson that came as a huge blessing. As they say, don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.

6 thoughts on “a chiropractic convert

  1. I was also a chiro skeptic until I herniated a disc in my lower back. I still have to work with it, but my chiro took the pain from debilitating to tolerable. Granted, this was after seeing one chiro who was a total quack and hurt my back worse. I'm glad you're feeling better!


  2. I have gone every month to a chiropractor during this pregnancy and I love it! I'm mixing in a few massages this time around as well and oh does it feel great!! I went to a chiro every week while I swam in high school and saw a huge difference in my performances at each meet vs. the times I didn't get into a chiro before a meet! Hang in there with the pain! It isn't much longer!!


  3. I had sciatic nerve issues from the start of my first pregnancy until a year and a half after my 3rd baby was born (over 5 years). A chiropractor was the only thing that kept me walking and not in extreme pain all the time. Now I'm fixed thanks to that chiropractor and Jillian Michael's 30 day shred (the exercises targeted the muscles I needed to strengthen). Pain free for the ENTIRE 4th pregnancy 🙂


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