He’s a [happy] spitter

Because of Simon’s reflux the pediatrician recommended I keep him semi-upright after feedings. I usually put him in the bouncer/carseat/swing for a little while after he eats. The carseat specifically warns against placing it on furniture, but after doing a brief risk analysis I decided it was in his best interest. While I was in the shower I felt he would be best kept out of harm’s (Miriam’s) way on the bed.

After my shower I discovered him like this. I guess keeping him at a 45 degree angle can only help so much. Fortunately he is what the pediatrician calls a happy spitter. Miriam was also a happy spitter; although they frequently regurgitate their meal it doesn’t seem to affect their temperment. I know his expression doesn’t look happy, but what I mean is that he doesn’t vocalize his grievances. Eli was a grumpy spitter (if you know Eli, this comes as no surprise), and I’m glad we aren’t dealing with that again.

4 thoughts on “He’s a [happy] spitter

  1. Miriam's room is so cute! We've been considering putting Cohen in a toddler bed, how long did it take her to like it? Cohen was a happy spitter too, unfortunately for him it made people not want to hold him for the first year of his life…poor little guy.


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