There are a couple things I never got around to posting about before Simon came along, but I wanted to blog-ument (made up word that I love to use) them.

The first was moving Miriam into her “big girl bed.” We wanted the transition to take place before Simon’s arrival so they would be separate events in her mind and she wouldn’t feel like she was being replaced in the crib.

It didn’t go so well at first. In fact, it was heartbreaking. She seemed scared and confused and wouldn’t stay in the bed. For the first couple weeks we were moving her from the floor by the bedroom door to her bed after she fell asleep. She occasionally still gets out of her bed at night and lays by the door, but she doesn’t cry anymore and there is definite progress. I think she also enjoys the freedom of getting up out of bed in the morning whenever she wakes up. And Richard and I love to see her walk out of her room with her crazy bed-head of hair and greet us in the mornings.

Our saving grace when it came to surviving this ordeal was her blankie and thumb. She can handle anything with her two self-soothing necessities.

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