family vacation

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My grandparents all passed away when I was young, so I feel blessed to have married into a family of wonderful grandparents. I believe the grandparent-grandchild relationship is the most mutually forgiving and tolerant family relationship. It is so… comfortable. Our grandparents are so forgiving of our faults, perhaps even more than our parents. And in return we are forgiving of them. We tolerate their too-personal questions, unsolicited advice and spoiling of our children better than when our parents do these things. The generation that separates us gives us more room for humor and patience I guess. Or maybe I speak too generally, and this relationship is unique to me and my grandparent-in-laws. Regardless, I love it.

This weekend we road-tripped over to eastern Idaho to visit Richard’s grandparents. (And other family and friends.) It was delightful. They are such generous hosts. Ray and Larene Bird are the least idle people I know. I was so motivated to be a better, less lazy mother as I watched them. Grandpa just does whatever needs to be done, and then some. If he doesn’t know how to do something he asks and learns. Grandma prepares meticulous meals from scratch and then cleans up the mess without complaint. This is just the way life is for them. They do so much work without ever acting like it is work. I admire them so much.

Grandma says that the horses are Grandpa’s best friends. When they see him and he whistles to them, they come a-gallopin’. We also got to see Sam, the new colt. Turns out Sam and Simon have a lot in common. A couple horses in the pasture got a little too friendly and SUPRISE.

Don’t worry Lori, it was just up and down the driveway out at the farm.

The Bird’s own a Motel with a pool where we did a little swimming. We thought Miriam would love it, but for the first time in her life she was happier just watching.

Grandma and Grandpa Wray got to meet Simon for the first time, and spoil all the kids with belated Easter treats.

One thought on “family vacation

  1. Fun! Grandparents are the best. We lucked out marrying into a family that has all four grandparents still active in their lives. Grandpa certainly isn't lazy! I can't believe all the things he still does!


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