the plastic years part II

You might remember this post about the plastic cups? I have an update.

A couple weeks ago we went to dinner with Richard’s family at Dickey’s BBQ Pit. They serve their drinks in plastic cups, for you to keep! As we were leaving I noticed that no one was taking their cups with them. (These people clearly don’t have young children at home.) Bonus for me! I asked and no one minded if I took their cup. Now we have a full set of new plastic cups. I’m so excited.

The timing couldn’t be better. Our Red Robin cups are quite faded and I was getting worried about how guests would feel drinking out of them. I hate to have people think I’m low-class.

4 thoughts on “the plastic years part II

  1. I will mention that I asked Richard if he wanted a new set of dinnerware (pointing at my cup) and he just shook his head and laughed. Clearly I was talking to the wrong person. You're a genius Jo!


  2. HAHAHAHAHA! My husband always tries to tell me we aren't allowed to take the plastic cups they bring to the kids – I don't think so!!! We also have a whole slew of cups – you are way cooler than us though, yours all match… 🙂


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