two months

Simon is two months old today. It has gone by so fast. Of course, everyone says that. He out-weighs all his siblings for this age. He is gaining weight really well despite his reflux. We are still doing lots of laundry though. He is giving us a smile here and there. Oh those baby smiles are priceless. He is also sleeping through the night. Also priceless. He loves the swing and I have to be careful not to leave him there all day. I call him “Little Dude” quite a bit but mostly we call him “Si.” In fact, it is the only family member name Miriam has picked up so far. Actually what she says is “Hi Sise.”

9 thoughts on “two months

  1. I just have to disagree with your pediatrician…i thought the same thing until Jackson's eyes turned brown with a small hint of green when he was over a year old! She is cute!


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