lil’ buds

Miriam is getting old enough to be an enjoyable playmate for Eli. Eli loves being the one in charge for once. I should clarify, she isn’t quite old enough to comprehend and execute his orders, but she a least isn’t giving him any. This works really well while Cameron is at school, and I’m looking forward to the fall when they can play together freely. But when Cameron isn’t at school we have some serious jealousy issues. Cameron’s feelings are hurt that occasionally Eli prefers playing with Miriam, whose inability to comprehend and execute orders prevents Cameron from holding a power position. So Cameron has no desire to play with Miriam, but I am hopeful that he’ll learn to play more cooperatively as an incentive to keep Eli as a play buddy.
It used to be (and still is) that Eli idolized Cameron and did everything, wore everything, said everything that Cameron did. Now Miriam is falling into that pattern with Eli as her idol. She found Cameron’s hat and put it on to look just like Eli.

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