the case of the missing underwear

I thought Miriam had gotten past her interest in her brother’s underwear. I was wrong.

One night after doing laundry I directed Eli to put his clothes in his drawer. Included were at least 5-6 pairs of underwear. He put them away as instructed and we all went to bed.

The next morning, of course we were in a hurry to get somewhere and the underwear were nowhere to be found. Typically I would not have much confidence that the clothes made it safely to the drawer, but this time both Eli and I were sure he had put them away. Yet, they were all missing. Not a clean pair of underwear to be found. All of us searched high and low to no avail. Finally we coerced him into wearing some of Cameron’s underwear and we went on our way.

Later that day I discovered a stock-pile of Eli’s underwear in Miriam’s closet.

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