the little fry

Richard’s dad is famous for making up little songs about his kids. Richard is following in his footsteps and sings all the time:

“Si, Si, the little fry, such an amazing little guy.”

He’s four months old. Four and a half months actually, I’m a bit behind. He’s got a raspy little voice and rusty hair which has earned him various other nicknames.

My co-worker has one little boy and is thinking about having a second but has the same fear every parent has. Can I possibly love another baby as much as the baby I already have? For me the fear is more like this: Did I really love my other babies as much as I love my most recent baby?
He delights me and I know for sure because of recent experiences that I am more grateful each day to have him than I was with my other children. I don’t take him for granted. Kind of ironic considering he wasn’t “planned”…

4 thoughts on “the little fry

  1. Your comment about wondering if you loved your other babies as much as you do your most recent baby is so true!! I find myself having that same thought almost daily. Simon is a little cutie!


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