Dirty Dash

Last year I signed up for the Dirty Dash alone. When I arrived I was totally depressed about running by myself. Fortunately I met up with someone I knew and ran with her and her friend. This year I had planned to join a team but made too many excuses and didn’t get around to it. At the last minute a friend of mine said that if I put together a team of five we could register for free.

We had a really great time. If you’re not familiar with the dirty dash you can watch this video. But it is a 10k course that includes climbing over hay bales, walls, through tunnels, over tires and other obstacles including the longest slip ‘n’ slide you’ve ever seen. And of course lots of mud.

I made the mistake of trying to tackle Topaz in the mud pit. I ended up falling backwards and completely submerging in mud. I had to lick and spit over and over just to get it off my teeth. There was a little boy nearby with a squirt gun, who at my request squirted most the mud out of my eyes. It has taken days to get it all out of my ears. I think next year I’ll take care to protect my facial orofices.

Jaymie Topaz me Julaine Celeste

6 thoughts on “Dirty Dash

  1. oh, i so wish i did this with you cute girlies!! and how the heck do you look so cute in that picture with topaz, when you are all covered in mud?!?!?! seriously, your eyes look so blue.


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