so long dear hairbrush

This event was so traumatic it took precedence over all other un-blogged events, including Cameron’s first day of first grade.

Women & girls know the significance of a hairbrush. Hairbrushes become loyal companions that matter more than all other beauty products. If I go on vacation without it, it’s almost enough to ruin the vacation because it automatically ensures bad hair days for the duration of the separation.

My hairbrush has dutifully served me these last 12+ years. Although it was falling apart I have refused to part with it. That was, until Miriam dropped it in the toilet. If it was still in it’s youth I would desperately fight for a way to sterilize it. But given it’s already pathetic state, I’m going to go ahead and call it a loss.

My only consolation is that it wasn’t my iPhone she carelessly flung into the filthy waters of the porcelain throne. That is likely my only possession that would have been more painful to lose.

7 thoughts on “so long dear hairbrush

  1. I can relate. I had a favorite brush from my highschool days that I took into my marriage. I nearly cried when I discovered it was left during our last visit to the YMCA and the janitor had thrown it out. It was a Hair Defense brand and isn't made anymore.


  2. Lori you still have that brown hairbrush?! When I think of a female hairbrush, the image conjured in my mind is of that brown hairbrush. I saw it every day of my life for at least six years. But what fascinates me is that you still have it. Gross? Maybe, but pathological? Definitely.


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