Five years ago this month I began employment at Carter Dental, where I continue to work one day a week. For the last five years, nearly every Monday I drive to work, enter through the back door and walk down the hall. Without fail as I flipped on the lightswitch in my operatory I would hear Kathleen’s pleasant greeting to me. “Good morning.” “Hello!”

While I was on maternity leave after Simon was born Kathleen was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and she passed away on Friday, two days before her 35th wedding anniversary. Kathleen was consistant and kind, I appreciated the reliable way I could count on her to be positive and friendly. For some people, unselfishness comes so naturally. In my last few conversations with her she still thought mostly of me, asking all the right questions about myself, work and kids. I have already missed her at work.

She had a very interesting life, you can read about here if you like.

One thought on “Kathleen

  1. oh, i am so sorry, jo:( it is always so hard to lose someone you care about. kathleen sounds like she was a great person. i'm sure she treasured your sweet smile and conversation each monday too:)


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